Friday, November 14, 2008


When I drive I usually listen to satellite radio. I love the variety, the lack of commercials and the ability to pick the specific type of music that I want to hear. I also love that it is crystal clear and you can usually keep the same station wherever you go. Recently, though, I have started to notice that I am getting some interference from time to time. I haven't been able to really figure out what is causing it and it isn't necessarily at the same point in my drive every day.

My prayer life can be the same way. Most of the time I feel like I have a crystal clear connection and I can talk to God about whatever I want, whenever I want and wherever I want. Sometimes, though, I feel like there is some interference - something getting in the way. Hurt. Fear. Anger. Sadness. Guilt. Lots of things. I just let them get in the way - like a fight over something petty can get in the way of your relationship with your best friend and leave you not talking for a while.

I'm trying to learn, though, that the cause of the interference is one-sided. It's all on my side. It's like a "secret fight" with a friend where they don't even know about it. Except - not talking to God doesn't hide it from Him. He knows and He wants to share in it, He is just waiting for me to ask. I'm also starting to recognize that the interference only gets louder the longer I let it build. The longer I go without sharing it, without talking to God about whatever it is, the bigger of an issue it becomes.

While I know that I am a long way from achieving the goal, I long for the ability to eliminate that interference. Of course I would love to eliminate the causes, but I know that I can't do that. What I can do is keep on working on not letting those things somehow get in the way of my relationship with Christ.

This morning I was reading from the book of Hebrews and this really jumped out at me: "Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever." Hebrews 13:8 (NIV) Regardless of changes in my circumstances, changes in my attitude, or changes in anything else, Jesus Christ is the same. He can hear me clearly, the interference is only on my end - only something that I sometimes let get in the way.

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend. I'm traveling a bunch over the next few weeks, so I am not sure how frequently I will be posting.

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